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The Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples

2141 Jane St [2nd Floor] Toronto ON M3M 1A2

The Sexual Health Program delivers sexual health education, counselling, and support groups at 120 Carlton Street in Spanish. The services are private and confidential:

We offer counselling services for people living with HIV and are at high risk of contracting HIV

  • Promotes healthy sexual practices through education
  • Outreach to connect clients to community resources and treatment
  • Lends support to family and friends of those living with HIV and those who lost a loved one due to AIDS
  • Trans education and workshops

Mission To enhance the quality of life for our community, and deliver purposeful services to advance the social and economic integration of our community into broader Canadian society.

Vision To grow a united, engaged, and prosperous community.


  • Unity
  • Accessibility
  • Equity
  • Accountability
  • Justice

Tags related to this service:

  • Languages Offered: Spanish
  • Care offered: Women’s program, Support group, Workshops, Legal information, Individual counselling, Group counselling
  • Service Type: Gender-based violence (GBV), Civil Society, Domestic Violence

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