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Let's Stop AIDS

160 John St [Suite 200] Toronto ON M5V 2E5

LetsStopAIDS was founded in 2004, by the then 15-year-old Shamin Mohamed Jr. with a few high school students. They decided to take on a challenge to educate youth in Canada and globally about HIV. Unfortunately, their school principal thought they were up to no good. Despite the lack of support and obstacles along the way, the charity was officially registered, volunteers associated with it grew to over 400, and great coverage has been received from local and international media. Our ability to make an impact with just volunteers has been possible because we have not forgotten our original goal: To inspire young people affected by HIV to take action, within their local communities.

Our Vision

Zero New HIV Infections Every youth is given the knowledge, resources, and support necessary to make this vision a reality.

Living Positively Every youth living or affected by HIV must be given equal, fulfilling leadership opportunities that allow them to live their life.

Our Values Our mission is to engage young people in the promotion of HIV prevention through open spaces that encourage dialogue.

Share We share information and knowledge about HIV. Teamwork and diverse alternative ideas are at the core of this initiative.

Inspire We inspire youth to take action, within local communities. Young people must be given fair opportunities in leadership roles to express their creative skills.

Create We create a global network of youth-HIV peer educators. Through youth leadership and volunteer opportunities, we promote HIV prevention and positive living.

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