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International Breastfeeding Centre

2700 Dufferin St [58A] Toronto ON M6B 4J3

At the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic we provide reliable and well-researched information based on 34 years of Dr. Jack Newman’s leadership, experience and our evidence-based practice. We offer real, practical breastfeeding help. Our staff have worked with thousands of mothers and babies, listened carefully to their experiences and challenges, intently observed what works best for the breastfeeding dyad and as such have refined our understanding of how to help mothers and babies fulfill their desire to breastfeed. Taking time to learn and change is an important part of our process. We have learned much over the years and with each mother and baby we have met. We now offer our expertise and enthusiasm for breastfeeding around the world and to you.

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  • ID Required: Health card required
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  • Care offered: Prenatal education
  • Service Type: Infant feeding

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