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Hannah Addario-Berry/Hannah Rose Doula

North Vancouver, British Columbia V7N 1V6

Hi! I’m Hannah. I’m a full spectrum doula, and my pronouns are she/her.

My passion for birth began at age 8 when I was by my mother’s side for the home birth of my younger sister. Witnessing my mom’s courage, strength, and trust in her own body instilled in me an awe and reverence for the birth process which I feel to this day.

Several decades later, when I became pregnant with my own daughter, I yearned for information that married my intuition and trust in my body with my desire for up-to-date science and data. As I navigated the many rabbit-holes of the internet, I was blown away by the masses of misinformation and fear-based advice. It became a mission to help others (initially friends and family, eventually clients) spend less time in the rabbit holes and more time becoming informed, confident, and empowered to prepare for the birth they desire.

As a Full Spectrum Doula, I support all reproductive choices and stages, expected and unexpected outcomes. I am passionate about providing heart-centered, holistic care and unapologetic advocacy to individuals and families.

A little more about me: I grew up in British Columbia, Canada, and have also lived in Montreal. I moved to San Francisco in 2004. I am also a professional cellist, with a special interest in performing music by living composers. My experience over the past 20 years as music teacher of children and adult learners has helped me develop intuition, compassion, and a great love for supporting individuals wherever they are in their life journey. I recharge by spending time in nature, cooking (and eating) delicious food, and playing (and listening to) music. I live with my partner Wil and our two young children, Zoe and Oliver, on the Ohlone land that is now called San Francisco.

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  • Care Provider Demographics: Queer, White, Cisgender
  • Languages Offered: French, English
  • Service Type: Doula

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