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Brant County Health Unit Sexual Health Clinic

194 Terrace Hill St [1st Floor] Brantford ON N3R 1G7

The following services are NOT provided by the sexual health clinic at this time:

  • Blood borne infection (BBI) testing (Hepatitis, Syphilis, and HIV)
  • Pap tests
  • Liquid nitrogen for the treatment of HPV (genital warts)
  • HSV testing and treatment
  • IUD insertion and removal

Tags related to this service:

  • Care offered: Gonorrhea treatment, STI testing (urine), Low cost contraception, Free condoms, Pregnancy options counselling, Emergency contraception ("morning after" pill), Pregnancy testing (urine), Sexual health and safer sex practices counselling, Chlamydia treatment
  • Service Type: Sexual Health Clinic

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